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ONYX Connect Zambia is a private limited company established in 2018 and headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia. The company is providing affordable transportation solutions on a Pay as You Go (PAYG) basis to underserved, urban and rural communities across Zambia. Onyx’s mission is to ease mobility for people in the lower income bracket by making environmentally sustainable quality products and services accessible and affordable to Zambians living in peri-urban and rural areas, who are financially excluded.

The company sells bikes and relevant accessories, specifically sells Buffalo bicycles, one of the strongest bicycles in Africa which is made for African terrain, an initiative of an organization called World Bicycle Relief. The bicycle has a five-year warranty due to its strength and the specially designed frame, carrier and stand of the Buffalo bicycle is said to provide the stability needed to support big loads and passengers over long distances in remote areas.

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Buffalo Bicycles


We sell Buffalo Bicycles and relevant accessories.


one of the strongest bicycles in Africa which is made for Africa.


The bicycle has a five-year warranty

Solar Lights with phone charging

Solar Home Sytems

We provide solar installations for homes.

Solar Lights

We illuminate your house with solar energy.

Solar Chargers

We provide Solar Chargers for your phones

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Soweto Rent and Pay As You Go Launch Initiative at Soweto Market

  • Our Services

    ONYX is in the business of Mobile Devices and related software and hardware technologies. We Supply, distribute, market and sell smartphones, tablets, telecommunications equipment, wearables, mobile accessories and valueadded products in the communication, transport, home entertainment and navigation sector.

  • Onyx is also collaborating with Mobile Operators in Zambia namely (Zamtel, Airtel, MTN, and Liquid telecoms) in driving Financial Inclusion through Mobile Money Services. Onyx is positioning itself to leverage the existing operator agent network and grow the agent network into the underserved rural Zambia, to finance their float requirements which operators and banks are currently not willing to finance.

  • Onyx was also awarded a tender by DFID in September 2018 to roll out a Pay as You Go Bicycle project in Zambia. Onyx has leveraged on the expertise of its Directors in Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Operations, Customer Service, Marketing & Advertising and Accounting & Finance to deploy this project and has focused on affordability to the target customer segment and sustainability.

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Clear improvements in income generated due to the fact that Milk Farmers are able to transport their Milk to the Parmalat depots quickly which enables that to get the best price for their Fresh milk. Farmers can also make multiple trips
Kaziwa Women
Movement of goods & Business Transactions amongst Farmers and Traders have improved due the supply of our Bicycles on accessible payment term
Women in Business
We are able to use our Bicycles for their day to day errands which have improved their business efficiencies and have helped and supported their households with more disposable income.
Silk Farmers